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Mlmbishop 7 days ago

*Seared Sea Scallops

Chef Nick was masterful in pulling off perfectly cooked scallops with a dynamic pairing of strawberries prepared two different ways. A gentle touch of cardamom pulled all the flavors together. We did the 5 course Chef's table (highly recommended) and this was a standout along with stellar dishes of tuna, steak, pasta. A dinner that will make you want to be a weekly patron. And Sebastian is waiter of the year.

Cheryl Dolensky 26 days ago

Linguini alla Carbonara

OMG this was as good a pasta dish as you can get. There was only one place I used to go for Carbonara....not anymore. DBA's linguini alla carbonara is so much better!!! Creamy, rich and fresh. Magnifico!

Carly about 2 months ago

*Goat Cheese Cavatelli

As a vegetarian, I am used to only having one mediocre option at most restaurants. Not the case here! This pasta dish was so good that I ate the whole thing. I highly recommend this dish to all!

Jeffstetz about 2 months ago

Green Spaghetti

Just one word: EXCELLENT!

Shansel 2 months ago

*Goat Cheese Cavatelli

I had the 3 tastes of pasta - my favorite was the goat cheese cavatelli! They were all wonderful. Can't wait to go back.

Katetfalconer 2 months ago

Warm Burrata

The crispy Brussels Sprouts were terrific! I also had the trio pasta sampler and it was amazing. I can't choose a favorite, they were all so tasty!

Laura 3 months ago

*Seared Sea Scallops

Scallops are one of my favorite dishes to order out and this one was certainly at the top of my list! The scallops had a perfect golden crust while remaining silken on the inside. They were the furthest thing from rubbery (an all too common circumstance at other restaurants). I'm not normally the biggest fan of fennel but the broth was incredible. I would absolutely recommend this dish to ANYONE!

Bcarper 5 months ago

Nutella Pie

My husband and I experienced the chef's table 7 course tasting menu for our birthdays. It was fun to sit in the kitchen and watch the action and chat with the chef and others. Our server, Cody, was very attentive and had a good knowledge of the wines he was pouring with each course. The food was spectacular and very ample portions. We boxed a couple up to take home after tasting them because we were getting really full and I lamented that take home never tasted as good as when it was served fresh. How wrong I was! The leftovers were equally delicious. We had never had an experience like this before and would recommend it highly.

Dick.Sonderegger 8 months ago

Boneless Beef Short Rib

Just outstanding!

Benmall63 11 months ago


crispy and yummy....

Benmall63 11 months ago

Ribeye 16 oz.

the Food is delicious.....and the wine is great taste..

Amy 12 months ago

Green Spaghetti

Love the Green Spaghetti. I don't think I've ever had a dish here that I didn't like. Lovely atmosphere. Beautiful patio!

Msines24 12 months ago

Center Cut Filet Mignon 8oz.

Fantastic and cooked to perfection!

Cmsparsons 12 months ago

*Seared Sea Scallops


Mlneumeyer 12 months ago

21 Vegetable Salad

LOVE this salad!! A unique combination, perfectly dressed!

Pricekm61 12 months ago

Hong Kong Mussels


J.Troyer 12 months ago

Green Spaghetti

Best pasta ever!

Jcat8464 12 months ago

*Verlasso Salmon


Ldh45 23 days ago

*Roasted Chicken

Just recently visited DBA for an employee get together. The roasted chicken was superb! Not to mention the fantastic service as well. I had an Old Fashioned cocktail and very much enjoyed every sip. Shout out to Sebastian our bartender!

Shaunie1008 about 1 month ago

New York Strip 12 oz.

Excellent and good service

Cherylz59 about 2 months ago

Pappardelle Bolognese

For Christmas 2017, my husband and I received a gift certificate for DBA. We placed it in a drawer to keep it "safe" but mistakenly forgot that we had it. Once discovered, I realized that it had expired one year from the date of purchase and was disappointed that we would not be able to enjoy this gift. I called DBA and explained our situation to a very pleasant lady named Shannon, who in turn spoke with management. They gave her the "thumbs up" to redeem it, so we promptly made a 6:30 reservation for that evening! This was our first visit to DBA and we decided to dine inside rather than on the patio. Our server, Sarah, seated us at a window table at the back of the restaurant where we had a lovely view and received first-rate service. We inquired about several items on the menu and Sarah "educated" us on the selections. After careful consideration, I selected the Pappardelle Bolognese - the smaller TASTE portion. Sarah informed us that even though this was a "small" dish of pasta, it was a hearty serving and she was correct! The lengthy, broad noodles are homemade and the sauce has a generous amount of meat. It is served in a bowl which is placed on a plate. I emptied the bowl onto the plate and cut the pasta with a knife and fork for easier (and less messy) consumption! At Sarah's recommendation, my husband ordered the Grilled Lamb Tenderloin with Potato Strudel and he was not disappointed (he even commented on the presentation of the food on the plate)! She also mentioned that he could order a half-size portion of salad instead of a full one and the smaller size Traditional Caesar was plenty. We were not sure what Nutella pie is, but decided to share a piece and discovered that is was AMAZING! It is a fun, cold pie with chocolatey crust and filling and is topped with whipped cream. There is caramel and a hint of sea salt somewhere within the pie which compliments the already great taste! Due to Shannon's politeness on the phone, Sarah's kind and attentive service and your superb kitchen staff, my husband and I had an outstanding encounter at your restaurant! We are looking forward to our next visit and have sent your online link to several colleagues and family members. Thank you from both of us, Cheryl and Dave

Jrobin4 2 months ago

38oz Porterhouse Steak for Two

Good lord! This was the single biggest steak I've seen in my life. Bring your appetite. It was excellently prepared - medium rare was actually (drumroll) medium rare! A lot of places can't seem to get that right, but DBA does. Paired it with some potatoes and heirloom carrots and. Couple bottles of red wine. Service was great as well. Excellent!

Emily 2 months ago

3 Cheese Polenta

My husband and I love DBA. It is our regular date night spot. Almost 6 months ago we went and tried the 3 cheese polenta appetizer and to this day, it remains the best appetizer I've ever had. I still think about it when we go out to eat and consider getting an app. Nothing has compared. In fact, I can say that about most of the items we have tried from the menu.

Jilljohnson3869 2 months ago

*Verlasso Salmon

Absolutely superb. The salmon was prepared perfectly and had the most amazing flavour. I will return and am excited!

Sev.Ford 3 months ago

Green Spaghetti

The Green Spaghetti is a simple concept with the touch of a professional. The noodles are cooked to perfection, and dressed in a garlic sauce that is flavorful without being overpowering. The shrimp was absolutely delicious (and I don't even like shrimp), and contrasts the green color of the pasta in a very pleasing way. If you're one to stick to classics, but want something a bit new, definitely go for the Green Spaghetti!

Lcoon908 7 months ago

Nutella Pie

The Nutella pie was excellent as with all the food, my husband loved his green pasta. Nina was an excellent waitress and really made our birthday night special and gave my father a to go coffee. She added to the overall excellent dining experience!

Mygtiger 11 months ago

Crispy Fried Calamari

Stopped in after a concert for the late night venue, and were met with a welcoming staff that was warm, funny, and engaging. Made for an exceptional ending to a good night. The fried Calamari was especially delicious.

Benmall63 11 months ago

21 Vegetable Salad

i love it..perfect salad and good service..

Guest 11 months ago

*Verlasso Salmon

amazing, great service

Dansharp10 12 months ago

*Verlasso Salmon

Very good. Tasty. Good service.

Cmbennett235 12 months ago

Center Cut Filet Mignon 8oz.

Simply Wonderful.

Mmfischer00 12 months ago

Green Spaghetti

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes of all time! Perfectly al dente pasta and tender shrimp coated in just the right amount of decadent garlicy butter sauce. The poor man's cheese adds just enough texture and crunch! Now my mouth is watering! A serious must try.

Apaolucci09 12 months ago

*Seared Sea Scallops

Rivals, if not beats, Pier W's scallops served in a similar fashion. The risotto tastes perfectly of Parmesan without being overpowering. I paired this with the Arona wine and it did not disappoint.

Barbara.A.Habel 12 months ago

Green Spaghetti

My go to favorite

Tracy 12 months ago

Asian Noodles

Sooo good! Fresh! Great service from JR!